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Your Vision

You have worked long and hard to plan your project and make your vision become a reality now. Now it’s time to find a local service provider in Canada to get your project off the ground!  The first step is to post your project to get quotes and start assembling the building blocks. Some projects have elaborate designs while others are simply just a picture and a short description describing what needs to be done. Either way there some basic tips that will help you get responses and quotes from local Calgary service providers.

The Must Have’s

Scope of Work

In this case we like to say a picture or drawing is worth a thousand words. And it really is. We recommend a few quick items to give the service provider bidding your project the details they need to give you a realistic price:

1) Provide a sketch of your vision with dimensions – this can be a photo with mark ups, floor plan, detailed drawings or simply a napkin sketch. Anything that provides enough information to quantify the work. Be sure to let them know in the project listing. Keep in mind projects required to be started and completed as soon as possible are usually more expensive than ones without strict timelines.


Providing a budget for your project has so many benefits!

1) A budget allows us to better match a service provider with your project. Imagine this: a contractor specializing in commercial buildings is probably not the best fit to repair your sink. And vice versa. Providing a budget matches you with interested contractors suited for your project.

2) Service providers are able to tailor their recommendations and selections to your budget. This saves you time and narrows down the selections you will have to make.

3) Reality check – yes, of course we all want a swimming pool. But $100 dollars won’t even cover the cost of the paper work. Service providers will advise you if your project is
feasible or if it needs to be scaled back.

Perfection is Not a Requirement

Starting a project is stressful enough. Follow our quick steps and don’t sweat the details. Do your best to provide as much information as possible in your project posting when finding a local service provider in Canada.  Service providers are professionals at what they do and will be able to help and guide you through the process. It always helps to be open and available to answer questions and provide additional information as needed. So post your project and take the first step in making your vision a reality.