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Construction Trades: Quick Reference Guide

There are countless types of different construction trades. Knowing who to call for your project is a challenge in itself! We get asked all the time to help identify which trade or contractor is required for specific project. Sometimes the answer is simple but other times it can be very complicated to identify what type […]

FAQ – How to Setup New Project Alerts

Let the Work Come to You Did you know you can set up new project alerts from your Contractor Dashboard so you never miss a lead! Whether you’re a general contractor, landscaper, drywaller, plumber or electrician, new projects are always on your mind. New work keeps your business busy and growing! You can setup new […]

How Do You Negotiate a Fair Deal with a Contractor

“I Just Want to Start Building” You’ve got quotes, checked contractor references, and done all of your homework. Now it is time to move forward to solidify a deal with a contractor to get your project off the ground.  Negotiating a fair and secure deal with a contractor can set your project up for success […]

Contractor Looking for More Work?

Best Practices for Quoting a Project The Reach of Your Quote A potential client is reviewing your quote for information that will help them determine which contractor is providing the best value for their hard-earned money. If you are a contractor looking for more work, your response to a project listing in the form of […]

How to Find a Local Service Provider in Canada

Your Vision You have worked long and hard to plan your project and make your vision become a reality now. Now it’s time to find a local service provider in Canada to get your project off the ground!  The first step is to post your project to get quotes and start assembling the building blocks. […]