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Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or a company of any size, and need design, construction, or maintenance work done, Project Express can help you find the right design, construction, or maintenance professional at the right price! Don’t waste hours and days searching and shopping for designers, contractors or maintenance professionals. Just post your project anonymously on Project Express, and let our listed professionals compete for your project! You can also search our directory for a specific service provider in your area. Project Express will not charge you any money - our service to you is absolutely free! That simple!

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You can find architects, builders, contractors, specialty contractors, consultants, designers, electricians, engineers, inspectors, handyman services, HVAC contractors, project managers, painters, plumbers, or other professional service providers, for a simple repair work, extensive renovation, or just some expert help with a smaller project. We can help you find the right architect, engineer, contractor, designer, project manager, maintenance worker or other service provider to get your project done right – at the right price! To find the right project professional at the right price for your next project - just list your project on Project Express!

Do I Need a Building Permit?

You are ready to begin a renovation. One of the first questions you ask is, “do I need a building permit?” This quick reference guide will get you started

How To Post a Project (Tips)

You have worked long and hard to plan your project and make your vision become a reality now. Now it’s time to find a local service provider to get your project off the ground!

Should I Use A General Contractor?

It is time to complete your dream renovation. Now you must ask yourself, do I need a general contractor to run the project or can I coordinate the trades myself?

Contractors - Quoting Best Practices

A potential client is reviewing your quote for information that will help them determine which contractor is providing the best value for their hard-earned money.

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